The 2nd Supply Chain
Leadership Forum
Focused on resilience, sustainability and
climate impact on global supply chains.
The Forum united 100 delegates for insightful
discussions led by industry experts.
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Shaping the Future
of the Supply Chains:
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Join our network of supply chain leaders and corporations,
together let's transform the supply chain.
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Shaping the Future of
Supply Chain

🔶 Collaboration 🔶 Innovation 🔶 Sustainability


Drive collaboration among industry stakeholders to innovate the evolving supply chain sector. Our dynamic platform facilitates knowledge exchange and sharing insights through events and publications.


Promote innovation through digitization and technology adoption, empowering professionals and organizations to navigate the global supply chain landscape with requisite knowledge and skills.


Advocate responsible and ethical green practices in the supply chain, aiming for a global impact that benefits both businesses and society.


GSLA partners with Trade Associations to create new value in the Supply Chain. worldwide.


Shape the Supply Chain
With Us


Empowering supply chain professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape through advocacy of digitization and technology adoption.

Corporate Partners

Collaborating with industry leaders, associations, and institutions to drive change and create new value in the supply chain sector.

Supply Chain Leaders

Join a dynamic alliance shaping the future of the global supply chain landscape, fostering collaboration and sharing insights to drive innovation.


The Global Supply Chain Leadership Alliance (GSLA) advocating for responsible and ethical supply chain green practices, striving for a global impact that benefits businesses and society.


Global forum for global impact

GSLA experts drive supply chain innovation.

Expertise in the industry

Driving transformative change in supply chain management through collaboration and innovation. Join us to shape your business’s future success.

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Shape the Future of Supply Chain

GSLA provides expert guidance and resources to streamline your supply chain. Collaborating with industry leaders, we drive innovation and sustainability, ensuring your business stays ahead. Join us to maximize efficiency and unlock growth opportunities.

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Build the winning partnerships you’ve been looking for.

Be one with us in bringing the experience to more enterprises in the other parts of the globe. Become our partner. Be part of the growing network.

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